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Gardening is one of my passions… I am a big fan of container gardening.. mostly because we’ve moved around a bit in the last few years and I can’t bear to leave my plants behind. I do like  a nice garden bed as well but anything I really want to take with me if and when I move usually stays in the pot. A kitchen garden is something I think every home owner should have. I grow and dry my own herbs and veggies.


Canning in the fall is something I look forward to each year. Just seeing those colorful bottles of jams, jellies, pickles and veggies in pretty bottles on a shelf is a beautiful sight and is well worth the effort.

Protein – How Much

When researching low carb diets and the Paleo diet in particular you will see that they all have one thing in common. They all say that you should increase protein in your diet. If you are trying to lose weight, this statement may seem odd. We would automatically think… hey,  protein contains high amounts of fat and cholesterol.. How can that be a good thing?
The fact is that your body needs protein for energy and to build muscle.  Which proteins we choose to eat is the key factor here.


The Functions of Protein

Your body needs protein to build and maintain muscles, organs, connective tissues, skin, bones, teeth and blood. Protein provides your body with energy. Without any protein your body would feel weak and almost any exertion would tire you out. Almost all of your bodily functions require the use of enzymes including digestion. Protein helps to form enzymes in your body. Antibodies are the protein which is found in your blood and helps fight off bacteria and many toxins. Hormones contain protein and they are responsible for sending messages throughout your body.
Of course if too much protein is consumed in a short span of time your body will store the excess as fat. There are many good sources of protein and good lean sources should include turkey, chicken and fish.


Protein Sources

Many people today choose meat as their main source of protein and so animals are now raised with profit being one of the primary considerations of those raising the animals for food. Sadly making a profit being their ultimate goal is the reason today’s animals are fed chemicals to help them grow and to keep them disease free. Unfortunately this makes eating meat not as healthy as it once was.
Fortunately we do have choices today. We can choose to purchase meat and poultry which have been raised  organically, free range and are a much more healthy choice. Many people on the Paleo diet prefer to eat meat that has been grass fed and without the added chemicals. This is the way our ancestors ate all those years ago.


Best Sources of Protein

The Paleo diet recommends your diet consist of about 35% protein on a daily basis. When choosing protein look for very lean sources such as lean cuts of chicken and turkey, preferably without the skin, lean beef cuts, lamb and even rabbit. Fish is an excellent source of protein and low in fat. Salmon and mackerel have higher amounts of Omega 3 which is good for you and should be included in your diet.


You will want to consume protein at every meal so having eggs for breakfast is a good start to your day. Eggs can be
combined with peppers and mushrooms and turned into scrambled eggs or even an omelette.
A high protein lunch could include a tuna, chicken or turkey salad and for dinner, grilled salmon or
roasted lamb with lots of high fibre vegetables, such as broccoli, beet greens or Swiss chard.
Once you get used to eating a little more protein at each meal your body will start to feel the benefits in the way of muscle strength and more energy.


VegetablesWe have discussed the  foods you can eat on the Paleo Diet. I would like to talk a little now about those that are not recommended and why these foods should not be consumed if you are following the Paleo Diet.
Cutting out dairy products may seem strange but it is one of the main principles of those who follow the Paleo diet. This includes foods like ice cream, butter, milk, yogurt and cheese. People who do eat diary  the Paleo Diet do so in a very limited way.The reasoning behind not eating these sources of dairy is that they were not available to our ancestors who lived 500 generations ago. The majority of these products are highly processed and they are not a ‘natural’ food.

Think about the way your body treats the calcium in these foods. This is to do with alkaline and acid levels in your body. All food is processed through your kidneys and excessive amounts of calcium are excreted by your body. There is no need to worry about becoming calcium deficient on the Paleo diet, because many of the leafy green vegetables contain high amounts of calcium! It is simply not true that we need dairy products in our diet to ensure that we get the needed amount of calcium each day.

A little sea salt added to your foods will not affect your dieting attempts. On the other hand salt found in processed foods can.  Our body retains water if we get too much salt and when this happens your body will feel puffy and bloated. Unfortunately food manufacturers put high amounts of salt in foods as a preservative. This is not natural and can have adverse results on your health.

Potatoes are other starchy vegetables is also recommended to be avoided while on the Paleo diet. The reasoning is that these king of vegetables need to be cooked and therefore are not a true raw food. All types of legumes and grains should also be avoided as they cannot be eaten in a raw state. However, many debate over this argument. Another thing to think about is that starchy vegetables affect your blood sugar levels. Potatoes are known to cause high spikes in your blood sugar level and this is the thinking behind why they should be avoided. High spikes are what causes you to have sudden and acute hunger pangs along with feelings of weakness.


Foods like ketchup, sauces, sugars, oils, margarines, hot dogs, bacon, soft drinks, muffins and fruit juices should be completely eliminated from our diet. They are full of chemicals, fats and other ingredients that you cannot pronounce let alone digest. Processed foods should be completely avoided on the Paleo diet. This would include things like grains, cookies, crackers, breads, canned and packaged foods. They all contain a lot of the wrong kinds of fats and a lot of various sugars. These products are known to be linked to being a cause of diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.


Foods that are allowed on the Paleo Diet are in a natural form while the others are all artificial and have been manipulated in one way or another by the human hand. Processed with additives, sugars, bad oils etc. When you honestly think about it… it makes sense that we would live a much healthier life if we only ate natural and unprocessed foods without all the added goodness we have become accustomed to today? It is no great wonder that so many are sick in this day and age when most people eat what pleases the palette instead of what is good for them.


 paleo-dietPaleo Diet – Choosing Your Meat

Lean cuts of meat are always the best choice. I have listed some good examples:

* lamb

* Goat

* Lean beef

* Extra lean ground beef

* Rabbit

* Veal

* Chuck steak

* Flank
Other choices may include organ meats such as liver, kidney and heart.



chicken  Poultry


Here you can choose from chicken, turkey, goose, duck or quail. Eggs are a good source of protein which you can add to your diet although some consider them to be dairy.




paleo-diet  Fish And Seafood


You can add  fish and seafood to your diet including:

* Shrimp

* Bass

* Trout

* Mackerel

* Salmon

* Prawns

* Lobster

* Crab meat (not the fake stuff in a can)

* Red snapper

* Pickerel

* Scallops

* Mussels


If you are feeling a little adventurous then game meats are on the list too! This includes choices such as elk, kangaroo, venison, pheasant and alligator.


healthy-diet  Vegetable Sources


When choosing your vegetable the Paleo Diet recommends staying away from starchy

choices as much as possible. Some great choices would be:

* Beets

* Green and red bell peppers

* Cucumber

* Carrots

* Onions

* Leeks

* Mushrooms

* Swiss chard

* Zucchini

* Summer squash

* Sweet potato

* Cabbage

* Celery
In addition to these choices there are lots of leafy green types of vegetables which you may not be familiar with. Some examples are:


* Seaweed

* Collard greens

* Beet greens

* Chinese cabbage

* Chicory

* Radicchio

* Dark green lettuce choices


Fruit  Fruit Choices


Fruit is not restricted on the Paleo diet so this leaves you with your choice of

the following fruits:

* Strawberries

* Blueberries

* Grapefruits

* Bananas

* Apples

* Oranges

* Pineapple

* Rhubarb

* Mango

* Lemons

* Limes

* Watermelon

* Cherries


Nuts & Seeds  Nuts and Seed Choices


* Sunflower seeds

* Sesame seeds

* Walnuts

* Almonds

* Hazelnuts

* Pecans

* Brazil nuts

* Pumpkin seeds

* Cashews


good-fats-oils  Fat Selections


Good fats are allowed on the Paleo diet and they should be taken in the form of:

* Avocado

* Olive oil

* Flaxseed oil

* Avocado oil

* Nut butters


* Fish high in Omega 3 such as mackerel, sardines and salmon
This list selection is just a sample of what you can now eat on the Paleo diet. Obviously it is missing in things like rice, pasta, flour, refined sugars and white potatoes and bread.
At first you might be wondering how you will manage without these foods. Many people find that they do not miss these foods as much as they thought they might. Your body will feel full consuming these healthy choices. By eating more protein you will feel less hungry especially in between meals. You should find that your sugar cravings will disappear after a while.
Don’t worry too much about what you will be missing and think instead about your new choices and how you can be creative with them.

What Is The Paleo Diet?


The principal concept concerning the Paleo diet is that it follows what we humans ate before the agricultural revolution. The Paleo diet encourages us to eat only natural foods that include lots of fruits and vegetables and lean cuts of meat and fish. Mainly foods our ancestors used to grow and hunt themselves.


paleo-dietThe caveman theory was based on the fact that most people were hunters and by necessity ate what they could find or hunt in the wild. This would have included fruits, vegetables and meat. Animals were not domesticated at that time and so there was no milk, butter and cheese available. Only natural foods in their raw state and this is the basis of the Paleo Diet today.


Fruits, vegetables and lean meat are high in soluble fibre, antioxidants, phytochemicals, omega 3, monounsaturated fats and foods which have a low glycemic level when it comes to carbohydrate levels. You can eat these lean protein sources along with unlimited amount of fresh fruits and vegetables without adverse effects on the body.


The Paleo diet recommends that you avoid the following foods as much as possible.

* Refined sugars

* Refined grains

* Saturated fats

* Trans fats

* Salt

* Processed foods


These foods are known to cause obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems and have  been linked to various other health related issues including cancer. When we look back into our history books a little we find  that our ancestor’s even at 65 years of age, they were not ridden with diseases.




Our ancestors were active people and ate off the land, they grew their own fruits and vegetables, gathered wild berries and hunted for their meat. Eating breads and processed foods was unheard of and obesity was not common. They were active and very healthy people and this was only about  500 generations ago, which in the span of things is not really not that long.
When first starting the Paleo diet many wonder if lack of calcium should be an issue. Due to false advertisements many think they need to consume dairy each day to promote healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. This is just not true. You will still be consuming calcium while on the Paleo diet, you will just be getting the amount your body needs from different sources. Instead of drinking milk and eating cheese you will be getting calcium from fruits and vegetables instead.
Our body needs to balance the amount of calcium it receives daily. All foods and anything else we take into our body has to be processed through our kidneys and this is where the problem of lost minerals takes place. When you eat foods which produce high amounts of acid in your body, the kidneys force out excess calcium and other alkaline’s.
The acid producing foods which we consume too much of are hard grains, cereals, cheese and salty foods. Acid must balance with alkaline which is found in fruits and vegetables. This means that when you increase the amount of these good alkaline foods then your body will balance its calcium level. That means… you won’t become calcium deficient as many people think. If you follow the guidelines to the Paleo Diet you will start to lose weight, sleep better and have more energy.


A new book was published by Loren Cordain in 2005… The Paleo Diet for Athletes: A Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance. As you can imagine this new book got the attention of many professional athletes at that time and they began to follow the methods that were described therein. The new concepts in the diet book soon began to be publicly endorsed by these athletes and the Paleo Diet came to the forefront of the diet revolution.


The Paleo or caveman concept was overshadowed by popular diets such as the South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and other dieting methods which came about.


The Paleo Diet is also referred to as the Paleolithic Diet or Caveman Diet. This concept of eating natural, raw food is not a new idea as far as diet books is concerned. Back in the 1970’s this theory was discussed by Walter Voegtlin in his book, “The Stone Age Diet”. His idea was somewhat similar to the then popular Atkins diet.
Today the Paleo Diet is based upon what we think the cavemen ate. This is based upon research done by our scientists. Cavemen were good hunters and ate the animals which they found and  gathered fruits and vegetables in the wild. And these three things became the staples of their diet.


There are other books about diet written more recently and the concept is also concerning the way our ancestors ate. This way of eating is called “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” or The Blood Type Diet. This one I actually do follow myself and it make all the difference in the way I feel each day. I will write about this way of eating in another post.


When researching about the Paleo diet you will find that there are a variety of versions available. Some versions state that you must only eat grass fed animals while others allow dairy products. Something to keep in mind is that our farming methods have evolved over the centuries and today we raise  animals to be eaten instead of having to hunt for them. They are fed chemicals and nutrients to improve the quality of the meat and to preserve it. Milk and other foods are pasteurized so they stay fresh longer. So it can be difficult to eat a real authentic Paleo Diet.
However you can eat with the Paleo Diet in mind and include whatever foods you feel comfortable with. If you want to include milk and cheese you may do so, but remember that they contain a lot of fat and are very high in calories.
Foods that might have been available to cavemen were potatoes, hard grains and certain legumes. The reason why these foods were not eaten was because they did not know what to do with them or how to cook them. Most of these foods are inedible in their raw state and so were not eaten back then.
Cavemen evolved over time and it can be assumed that these foods were added to their diet at a later date. The main problem with eating foods such as potatoes and grains is the fact that they are not a food that man was accustomed to eating. The fact is that grains has been linked to many health issues including digestive problems. Our scientists have stated strongly that whole grains are extremely difficult to digest which is the main reason many people have sensitivities to this food group.
When we look at the way our diet has changed from then until now.. it is clear that the introduction of not just potatoes and grains, but sugars and oils have caused real, major health problems. As these foods became readily available many more health issues came about and conditions like obesity began to be a big problem. Heart attacks and strokes became more and more common. Even cancer could possibly be linked to the introduction of unnatural foods into our diets. And today there are many chemicals and additives in the foods we buy in the grocery store. It seems there are more people sick today than there are well and I believe it is directly related to what we feed our body. I believe the saying.. “You are what you eat”.
Another consideration is that cavemen would eat different foods depending upon where in the world they lived. Certain fruits and vegetables would only be available in certain areas. So knowing exclusively what you should and should not eat on the Paleo Diet can be a little challenging.


So What Should You Eat on the Paleo Diet?


How strictly you follow the Paleo Diet concept is up to you. I believe it would be best to choose as many natural and organic raw foods as possible. If you want to add foods like grains, legumes, potatoes and milk then do so carefully and only if you are not sensitive to these foods. These foods tend to have lots of carbohydrates and calories in them. It may be best to lose weight first and then slowly incorporate them back into your diet.
To stay healthy and fit, there is no way you can go wrong eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein choices. By eating this way you should see improvements in your health in a relatively short time.
There are many Paleo Diet books and resources available for you to learn from. Choose one that fits how you think and feel. If it works and you are comfortable with eating this way then do it!


bookshelf-ideasHere are some creative bookshelf ideas for you to try. Perhaps you love to read, and have a number of books and you are not quite sure how to display these treasures. Maybe you don’t want a huge bookshelf, maybe you don’t have the money to spend on one right now, or maybe you don’t have the space to house a large bookcase. For whatever reason, you need something out of the ordinary to house your books. Here are some great ideas you can put to use right now.


Magazine Holder Shelf

  • An easy project, and one that works for small to large groups of books depending on your need, is the magazine shelf holder. You can start with one and add as your shelving needs increase. Begin by taking a wooden magazine holder and giving it a coat of stain. Turn it on its side and mount it in any corner where you would like your instant bookshelf. As your book collection grows, simply add more magazine holders either directly above or below. You can also leave space in between for an alternate look.


Ladder Bookshelf

  • Another easy project is a ladder bookshelf. You can create this by mounting “L” brackets to the wall and attaching the ladder of your choice. Use a new one in any style you like, or an older one for more character. Paint the ladder in a color of your choice and if you like the shabby chic style you could then shabby of the edges and set the books on the rungs of the ladder.


Dresser Bookshelf

  • If you already have a dresser to begin with, and some extra room around it, a dresser bookshelf can be a handy and fun way to display books. Buy several spice racks in an even number that match the bookshelf you will be attaching them to. Measure even spacing in between, attach the spice racks down the sides of the bookshelf and your new bookshelf is ready.


Stacked Benches

  • Another original-looking idea is to stack varying lengths of benches on top of each other. Take several benches, depending on how tall you want the bookshelf to be. Stack them on top of each other, beginning with the longest on the bottom. Stack them until the shortest one is on top. If you want an antique look, use old-style benches and paint each one in a different color.


Book Bookshelf

  • If you want to get really creative, build a bookshelf using a book for the actual shelf.


Here’s how:

Mount “L” brackets to the wall, attach a book which will serve as the “shelf.” Of course you want to make certain to use a book for the shelf that you will not care to read later. Stack your remaining book collection on top of the bottom book. This is a very unique way to display your favorite books.


Wine Crates

  • If you don’t  have any of these lying around, you can find them occasionally at liquor stores or at your favorite second hand shop. The beauty of this project is you can use varying sizes – there is no need to keep things uniform. You can easily mount them on the wall in whatever fashion you choose. These make a wonderful and unique book display.


There are numerous and fun ways to display and  store our books. Try one of these bookshelf ideas or get  creative and see what bookshelf  ideas you can come up with. Take a look around your house, garage or even a friend’s or family member’s house. You just might be surprised at what you find that they might think about getting rid of. Yard sales and flea markets are another great source of neat castaways.

boiled-eggsBoiled eggs are one of the most versatile foods you can use. There are a great number of ways you can incorporate eggs into your diet. You can make egg-salad sandwiches, prepare delicious deviled eggs, pickled eggs or eat them right out of the shell (boiled of course). Some people prepare several hard-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week to use as quick and healthy snacks.

Boiling eggs to perfection…  sounds easy right? Well, you’d be surprised at how many people get it wrong. The eggs end up overcooked almost every time… which usually leaves an unappetizing greenish grey color around the yoke. How would you like to learn how to properly boil eggs so that you can always have these treasures on hand for whatever use you may need them for. It is so easy, once you know how. Here are the steps below…


Put Water and Eggs in The Pot

boiled-eggsSome people choose to boil the water before adding the eggs, but this can lead to cracking of the shell caused by either dropping the egg into the water, or the egg being thrashed about by the boiling water before it has a chance to begin firming up.

  • Put the water in the saucepan and immediately add the eggs, giving them a chance to begin to cook before the water begins to boil and becomes rough. You may add 1/2 tsp of salt to the water as this may prevent cracks and allow you to peel the egg more easily afterward.

Bring Eggs to a Boil and Remove From Burner

  • Once you add the eggs and you have turned the burner to a “high” setting, bring the water to a boil. The moment it begins to boil, remove the pan from the burner. Although many people continue to boil the eggs at this point, it is a leading cause of overcooked eggs.

Return to The Burner

  • Turn your burner to “low” and after your eggs have sat at room temperature for approximately one minute, put them back on the burner. When they have been on the burner for another minute, remove them again and cover the saucepan.

Wait 4-12 Minutes

  • Now let the eggs to sit untouched from 4 to 12 minutes depending on whether or not you want them to be soft boiled or hard boiled. During this time they will be ever so slowly cooking to perfection, without the risk of overcooking that continued boiling brings. When you believe the eggs may be ready( the way you like them, test one out by opening it and taking a peek at your finished product.

Cool in Ice Water

  • Once your eggs have slowly cooked to exactly the stage you like them, remove them all from the saucepan and gently immerse them in a bowl of ice cold water. After they cool, drain the water and remove the eggs.


Eat and enjoy your delicious and perfectly cooked eggs as they are, or save them for use in other fun ways. If you choose to save for later use, place them, shells still on, in a covered bowl, to keep them from giving the fridge a distinct odor. Eggs saved in this way should be used within a period of five days.


This is the easiest way to make sure your boiled eggs are cooked just the way you enjoy them. Eggs are one of nature’s most fun foods to create delicious and appetizing dishes. Now that you know how to cook them to perfection. Follow these steps and get started in making your next treat of hard-boiled eggs today.

Ten Tips For A Healthy Diet

healthy-dietHealthy diet is something most of us are thinking about these days. People are much more aware of the importance of good wholesome foods and how they affect the way we think and feel. You are what you eat is not just a saying.. it is the truth and more and more people today are realizing the negative effects of an unhealthy diet.


Have you ever thought of planting your own garden? – I would like to suggest that if you have the space, you try it this summer. The benefits that you get from seeing the fruits of your labor are extremely rewarding. When you plant and nurture your own garden, it feels magical… No.. it is magical. There is nothing like this experience! You’ll have an abundant supply of zucchini, kale, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes and everything you need to make your own salads, dinners, veggie sandwiches and even salsa.


Lemon water – There seems to be evidence that a little squeeze of lemon in a glass or two of water first thing in the morning helps with metabolism. Lemon is also know to be cleaning to your system.
green-juice-healthy-dietGreen juice - With all the summer produce in season, this is the best time of year to consider trying some of those green juices and smoothies you have read about. Slice a cucumber, a bit of kale, an apple and maybe a banana, zap it in your blender or juicer, and drink it down. Many people say a shot of healthy green vitamin-rich juice first thing in the morning puts them on track for a healthy day.
Consider a non-fat or low-fat alternative to a traditional cone of ice cream. Frozen yogurt is a healthy choice, and many ice cream parlors also offer sorbet, which is often non-fat


 Campfire alternatives - Going camping with the family? Rather than gobbling up sugary s’mores, consider a somewhat healthier alternative – banana boats. Take a banana, slit it down the middle, fill the inside with mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips, cover the whole thing in aluminum foil, and toss it in the coals. After 5-10 minutes, you’ll have a warm and tasty treat – it may not feel 100% healthy, but there’s nutrients in it including potassium and your kids will love it.
With warm weather, you can grill outside. Consider trying lean meats like chicken or soak in the omega-3s by grilling a salmon. Squeeze just a bit of lemon over the top or add spices like paprika, Italian spices or cumin and ancho chili for a variety of options to please your taste buds.



Make fruit juice popsicles - Instead of eating ice cream or sugary popsicles, consider making your own out of orange juice, healthy green juice, or even a carrot juice blend. It’s healthy and will keep you cool.


Frozen grapes – Wash a bunch of grapes, dry them and stick them in your freezer. You’ll have a tasty, low-calorie snack you can eat by the handful.
You need to drink at least six eight-ounce glasses of water per day to keep your body sufficiently hydrated. For a spa treat, slice up cucumbers, muddle some blackberries, or add lemon and mint to your water. You’ll feel like royalty as you drink up this delicious treat.


With so many fresh fruits and vegetables available in the summer, there is no reason not to make sure you are eating a healthy diet. Growing them yourself is not necessarily cheaper.. No.. the thing of it is.. the fun and excitement of growing your own delicious and nutritious food is an experience rivaled by no other! Just try it.. you’ll be hooked after the first summer.

Photo walls are an interesting and fun way to display groups of photos, even photos that you normally wouldn’t put together. There have been many unique ideas for photo walls in recent years, and most work well as long as they reflect your unique and personal decorating style. If you like photo walls, but are unsure how to put one together, this guide will help you get started.

Choose the Photos to Be Displayed

When you are creating a photo wall, the first step is deciding which photos will be showcased. You may be doing a collage of family photos, or romantic moments with the love of your life. Maybe you are making a photo wall of yourself and your friends.

Decide which photos you want to be used and put them together, grouped by the ones you absolutely want, and the ones that are optional. Go through your pile several times, pruning the non-essentials until you have only the photos that you know that you definitely want included. Put them in a pile for now.

You can now decide if you want to edit any of the photos. If they are digital, it makes things easy. You can take each photo and decide if you prefer it in color or black or white. You may want your photo wall to be a mix of both, or choose between color photos and black and white. Even if your photos are prints, technology allows us many options and new ways of making necessary edits to the photos we possess.

Decide Where to Put the Photo Wall

This may be something you’ve already decided on. If you like the idea of a photo wall and simply know you want one, now is the time to choose where your photo wall will be. Take everything into consideration, for example do you want it in a high-traffic area, or a cozy space?

Make Cardboard or Paper Templates

Once you have your final group of photos pruned down to the very best, trace their shapes onto cardboard or construction paper and cut them out. Arrange these templates on the wall, over and over until you find a grouping arrangement that suits your fancy. You will now have an idea of exactly where your photos should sit in the display. If you haven’t yet framed your photos, keep in mind that you will need room for the frames of each.

Frame Photos

Next, you will want to frame the photos you have. They don’t need to be the same frame style – in fact some variety is nice. Whatever you choose, remember that you will want them to look suitable as a cohesive display, so buy or choose accordingly. Put your photos in the frames and you will be ready for the next step.

Hang the Photos

Finally, you are ready to hang the photos on your photo wall. Have all the photos ready and in their frames. Place each one of them where you decided upon. Take a step back and enjoy your photo wall for the first time.

Photo walls are a great way to enjoy your memorable moments on a daily basis. They make your home feel cozy and personal. Your photos walls will be admired by the visitors to your home for years to come. Grab some photos and create your own photo wall today.

5 Ways You Can Alleviate Exhaustion



We live in a busy world today.. where tiredness and exhaustion are a daily complaint. Are you feeling exhausted and not sure why? We all have times in our lives when we reach a point of being really overtired. Sometimes we know why we feel this way, and other times the reason seems to evade us. Feeling exhausted is an indication that something is wrong, and we need to find a solution quickly or every part of our life will suffer in one way or another.

In order to stay healthy and feel the vitality we need to cope in today’s busy world.. it is imperative that we make sure to get enough rest to ensure we feel energized and alive. Our bodies are not made to run on an empty fuel tank, and our general state should be one of feeling rested and ready to face each day’s challenges and complete our goals. We need energy to complete the things on our agenda on a daily basis, to be efficient at our jobs, and to ensure our special relationships stay intact. If you are feeling exhausted and down, it’s time to figure out why and find a solution.

1. Time to go to bed

How are you sleeping? If you are sleeping well, there may be other factors at work that keep you exhaused. If you are not sleeping well or just staying up too late on a regular basis, this could very well be the culprit. If you are just not sleeping well, then it is time you find out why before it affects your whole life in negative ways.

Make a habit of going to bed at about the same time each night. This allows your body clock to regulate. Do you have a restful sleep environment? Sleeping in a room full of electronics such as computers, televisions, etc can and do interrupt restful sleep for some people.

2. Are you getting the nutrients you need?

Are you in the habit of eating a good healthy breakfast? Do you know that not eating breakfast can leave you feeling drained and exhausted with no energy to even begin your day. It is really amazing how many people go out the door every morning without the needed fuel to begin a productive day. Is the majority of your diet good, healthy food? If not, now is the time to revisit your eating habits and make some changes. Too much sugar can make you feel sluggish, as can other foods that contain too few nutrients. If you are lactose intolerant, dairy products can and will sap your energy and cause you to feel draggy, sometimes for 2 or 3 days and it can keep you from restful sleep. Caffeine or chocolate too close to bedtime can cause you to feel wide awake and make sleep difficult to come by.

Eating a wide variety of healthy foods allows your body and brain to regulate the chemicals in your body, including the ones that help you to relax. If you must eat before bedtime, make sure you choose foods containing tryptophan. This is the chemical that allows the body to produce serotonin, which brings feelings of calm. Keep a food journal and make it a priority to get to know your body and how each type of food causes you to react. You might be surprised at what your body will tell you if you give it a chance. A journal is a good idea.. don’t rely on memory.. it will fail you.

3. Stress is rampant in today’s busy lifestyle..

We live a busy and stressful lifestyle today and stress is one of the most common reasons many people don’t sleep well. Try to figure out just what it is that is bothering you and find solutions to eliminate this from your life as much as possible. Sometimes it is people who are dragging us down. If that is the reason we are not sleeping, then it is time to eliminate those bad relationships as well.

4.When Is Exhaustion A Good Thing?

Did you just run a marathon? Were you outside all day working in the garden or doing something else that required a lot of energy? You may be genuinely tired. Exercising your body brings natural feelings of sleepiness. If this is the reason for it, simply make sure to replenish your body with food, water, and plenty of rest.

5. Could There Be More Serious Problems?

If you have gone through the list of lifestyle causes for exhaustion and still can’t figure out a reason, it may be time to visit your doctor. There are many legitimate reasons why your body may be exhausted and it is important to find out what is going on. This way, you can find a good solution in getting your energy levels back where they need to be, or delve deeper to rule out any more serious problems that may be hindering you from getting the rest your body needs.

Life can be busy.. NO.. Life is busy for all of us. Life is short and we do not have to go through each day feeling exhausted and miserable. Find the reason for your exhaustion so you can take the necessary steps to ensure your life is filled with energy and vitality. Then and only then can you welcome each day with a smile and the energy you need to make it a wonderful day.


Simple, Easy Solutions To Get Renew Your Energy Today


Feeling rested is an important factor in being able to renew your energy and accomplish your goals for each day. Feeling overtired, really takes a toll on your mind and body and can make the minutes drag out and make you feel incapable of getting anything done. Thankfully there are things you can do to renew your energy level and get back to feeling alive. Take a look at the following list and find some ways for you to feel better within moments.

1. Water

water-to-renew-your-energyThe first thing to do when you feel tired and need an energy boost is fill a glass of water and drink it. Being dehydrated causes your volume of blood to drop, whereby your body must work harder than usual to supply your cells with oxygen. Dehydration can also cause many other problems that will in turn bring feelings of sluggishness and lack of energy.


2. Exercise

exercise-to-renew-your-energyWhen you are tired, you most likely do not want to get up and expend any more energy. It may seem counter-intuitive to purposely use more energy when all you want to do is save what you have. Exercise, however, is one of the best ways to give you that boost.

Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body and brings oxygen to every part of it. Exercise also releases endorphins, which make us feel good. Feeling overtired is not pleasant, and this “feel-good” chemical can give us the emotional boost we need in order to accomplish the task at hand.


3. Eat

eat-to-renew-your-energyIn an era where losing weight is the goal for so many people, we often forget that eating is not the enemy. If you are feeling fatigued, your body may be undernourished and in need of nutrients and calories. Choose a healthy snack such as fruits and vegetables. These have carbohydrates which are a primary source of energy for our bodies. A carbohydrate with some protein is a good match as it will give you instant as well as long-term energy.


4. Sun

sunSunshine is nature’s way of spoiling us. I know from my own experience how the sunshine can create a feeling of peace and calm. It is a fact that the sun enhances one’s mood and is an important element when trying to ward off the blues or lethargy during dull winter months, which is known to be related to darker days and a lack of sunlight. Sitting in the sun for a few minutes is one of the best ways that you can renew your energy.


5. Rest


Take A Break

Next time when you are feeling tired and fatigued.. remember you body and mind needs to be renewed at regular intervals. When you are not getting a proper night’s sleep, every part of your being cries out in defiance. An average adult should try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night to keep a healthy mind and body.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body is unable to recoup fast enough and you will not have the energy you need for the task at hand.  Do this on a regular basis and you will quickly become overtired and your performance levels will certainly be lacking.

When you are well rested, everything will go so much smoother. You will be able to think better because you mind is sharp, you are able to work faster, feel a lot less stressed and therefore, you will be much more productive.

There are many many things we can do to get that natural energy flowing. If you are feeling down and tired, remember to try the suggestions I have given above and you will see that your energy level will stay on an even keel for a much longer period of time.

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